My writing group

April 30, 2010

Today is the last Friday of the month. So today I attend my writing group.

When I first started attending this group I was an aspiring author full of self-doubt about my writing. That was on the outside. Inside I thought my writing was amazing. Each meeting I went sure that I would blow their socks off.

I was sure they would say, “Wow, Leanne that’s amazing. I wish I could write like that. Don’t…please, don’t change a word. ”

Did they do that?

Um, no.

They gently pointed out grammatical, spelling, tense errors. They carefully explained where I had lost my reader. And under their watchful eye my writing improved.

So today I’m published author who doesn’t need them any more. Infact, today I sit them all down and say, “You know one day you’ll be able to write as well as I can. All it takes is time and practice.”

Um, not.

Today I’m a published author who needs them more than ever. In fact, I continue to look forward to each and every writing group because I know that they will point out things in my writing — areas of improvement, possible directions, other additions — that I would never of considered on my own.

Additionally I have the opportunity to help others with their writing  journey.

Oh, writing group how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Write on!


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Oh happy day

April 29, 2010

Yesterday I made good progress on my work in progress — MAYNELY HIDDEN. It is the second book in my MAYNELY A MYSTERY series. At this point MAYNELY HIDDEN seems to me to be less cozy mystery and more literary fiction. It does have mysteries in it and romance and humour. I have to see how the rest of the book unfolds. Currently I’m on about page 18 so anything could happen. I have written the plot. However, for me the plot is never craved in stone. I like to let the story lead me. That way I have a surprise as well.

There are other differences between MAYNELY A MYSTERY and MAYNELY HIDDEN as well. For example were MAYNELY A MYSTERY was set in the summer — MAYNELY HIDDEN is set in the fall. MAYNELY HIDDEN is darker in mood than MAYNELY A MYSTERY.

Fall on an island that is a tourist destination — there’s intrigue already. What do those islanders do?

Tomorrow my writers’ group meets and I can’t help but think that was the nudge I needed to get things rolling.

Today is a day full of volunteering and travel. So I don’t think I will get much writing done. Maybe on the ferry.

The weather here is warm and sunny.

I hope you have a grand day


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Knitted in Love

One of my island neighbours knit her husband a toque. Forty years later he still wears it.

She tells him that it has become ugly with age — he wears it. She explains that the yarn has become piled — he wears it. She says the colours have faded — he wears it.

“You knit it for me. You knit it for me when we, when our love was oh so young,” he coos. “I don’t want a new toque. I don’t want any toque but this one.” He draws her into his arms and kisses her.

“Oh, I give up,” she laughs.

Later, when he is having an afternoon nap, she confides in me, toque in hand. “I’m going to take this old thing and burn it. You see how ugly it is!” She pauses. “It’s just…it’s just that…he feels the cold so. Maybe if I could make one exactly like it. The same colour — the same pattern…”

“What’s the matter?” I ask.

“Well, dear,” she says. “It just won’t work.”

“Why not?”

“I lost the pattern years ago and these old hands they just won’t hold the needles.”

“I could help you,” I offer. “I can design a toque exactly like this one.”

“Really? Well, that would be wonderful dear.” She says and hands me a plastic bag containing yarn and adds the toque.

Arriving home, I set to work. I examine the toque and am impressed — it is a clever design. There a few things I would change, I think. I resist the impulse. I replicate the toque. I knit the last stitch, sew the seam, and weave in the ends.

I place the remaining yarn and the toques in the plastic bag and walk back to my neighbour’s. She is pleased to see me and enquiries about my progress.

“I’m finished,” I say handing her the bag.

She takes the new toque out of the bag and then hands the bag back to me. She closely examines my work. She grins — she is pleased. Her husband sails into the kitchen, grabs the toque and says, “I’m going for a walk.” He kisses her and waves to me.

Victorious, we wait until he leaves and then we share a laugh.

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that I don’t?

Why info about the books they write. That’s what.

Novelty Yarn

celebrates knitting in prose, poetry and essays

In 2006 I published NOVELTY YARN. Well it was so popular that I decided to re-publish it in 2010. Its now available on the Smash words site. To sample or purchase NOVELTY YARN, please log on to:  

I started blogging in 2005. When I started I had one goal in mind — to improve my writing. I had been told that to write well you needed to write. So I made a commitment to write daily. I wanted to be accountable so I wrote a blog. It worked — my writing did improve.

Recently, a friend said, “I blog to build community.”

I was intrigued so I asked her what she meant.

She explained, “I blog to provoke discussion. If someone does comment I reply.” She went on. “And I follow them to their blog. I take an interest in their writing.”

I must admit. my first thought was what a lot of work.

Then I began to comment on her blog. She replied. I felt validated and heard. I sought out other opportunities to engage in discussion. I found tons. Now my web site ‘s link page is full of interesting sites that I visit daily. I have learnt a lot from these daily visits and I feel connected to like-minded international bloggers.

Whether I fly solo or in a flock, I find blogging a fun, informative, and enriching activity.


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April 25, 2010

I am overcome by a feeling of gratitude today.

Yesterday a friend and I had an interesting off-island adventure. I read from my cozy mystery MAYNELY A MYSTERY and my friend Terrill Welch read from her book Leading Raspberry Jam Visions:  Women’s Ways. The reading was at the cozy new cafe-bookshop Overleaf. I arrived home in time to go Vox Truim’s concert. Vox Truim is one of my favourite Mayne Island singing groups. The Agricultural Hall was full of admires. Today emails to and from new and old friends fill my out and in box. I’m engaged, I’m interested. My life is so full and I’m so thankful.

May your blessings grow and multiple like the weeds in my yard.


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A shiny new blog

April 23, 2010

There’s nothing more exciting than starting a brand new blog.  I’m not new to this blogging-thing. I do have a few others. However, when I logged on to a few friends’ blogs I noticed they were on Word Press. Then I began to notice that more and more people were on Word Press. I thought, What’s the big deal? So I thought I find out for myself. So educate me why Word Press? What’s the big deal? I’m here to learn.  Visit me at