Blogging: solo or in community

April 26, 2010

I started blogging in 2005. When I started I had one goal in mind — to improve my writing. I had been told that to write well you needed to write. So I made a commitment to write daily. I wanted to be accountable so I wrote a blog. It worked — my writing did improve.

Recently, a friend said, “I blog to build community.”

I was intrigued so I asked her what she meant.

She explained, “I blog to provoke discussion. If someone does comment I reply.” She went on. “And I follow them to their blog. I take an interest in their writing.”

I must admit. my first thought was what a lot of work.

Then I began to comment on her blog. She replied. I felt validated and heard. I sought out other opportunities to engage in discussion. I found tons. Now my web site ‘s link page is full of interesting sites that I visit daily. I have learnt a lot from these daily visits and I feel connected to like-minded international bloggers.

Whether I fly solo or in a flock, I find blogging a fun, informative, and enriching activity.


P.S. Here’s an interesting blog I just found:

Visit me:


2 Responses to “Blogging: solo or in community”

  1. I just started blogging for the very reasons you mentioned. I have always loved to write, though I am not a “writer” in the professional sense of the word. I love knitting and homeschooling and homesteading, and in these things, I know I can find a community of people from which to draw on. Blogging everyday gives me an outlet for my creativity and connects me to a wonderful group of people I would never have known otherwise. Very cool, indeed!

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