Today we meet

May 28, 2010

Today the members of my writing group meet. I get so much from this group — inspiration, fellowship, encouragement, and an opportunity to grow.

What do I offer?

Am I the one to answer this question?

I am attempt to offer what I have received.

Today I will offer an opportunity for growth. For you see, I am planning a spoken word event for early August.

This shy dyslexic throughly enjoys reading her words to others. Especially when there is a possibility that I will receive praise in the form of clapping. I don’t know what it is about clapping but it feeds me. It feeds me even more than words.

There now I have been brutally honest with you. What do say in response? What feeds you…

Where am I?

May 26, 2010

If I’m not here…

One of the joyful tasks of an aspiring authors is visiting agent and publishers web site.  Once there we read the guidelines and then we submit. So if I’m not here that’s where I am.

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Wish me luck,


I’m dyslexic. As you may not be surprised to hear, learning to read wasn’t easily accomplished by me.

I’m an author. I have self-published MAYNELY A MYSTERY — a cozy mystery set on Mayne Island.

How did I do that? How did I evolve from a reluctant reader to an author in love with words?

Well, let’s see…

My parents were ardent readers. My dad always had at least four books beside his bed — a bookmark in each. My parents read to each other at the supper table — they read to me. They shared books such as Good Morning, Miss Dove.

In elementary school, I had a devoted remedial teacher who focused on my gift of imagination to encourage me to learn.

In junior high school, I had an engaging English teacher who further developed my passion for story by offering books such as The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy Ethan Forme by Edith Wharton, and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

She introduced me to John Steinbeck and I fell in love. I spent more and more time with him. I joined him as he and his French poodle Charley travelled the United States. He shared his stories and I wanted to share mine.

I wrote throughout my awkward teens — endless stories.

Writing became like breathing. Such a part of who I was that I couldn’t recall a time when I was without a pen.

I moved from Steinbeck’s books to others — many, many others. I forgot his voice.

Lately, however, I pulled East of Eden from my bookshelf. I rediscovered his voice and the debt I owe him.

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One mind-set…

Faster, faster, more, more, more.  Why isn’t this working? Why aren’t they noticing me? Yo0-hoo, I’m right here. Oh, well forget it. If they’re not noticing me what’s the point. I guess I’ll just stop writing.

I was having fun. It was giving my life meaning. I was meeting some fascinating, supportive people…but not enough people…not the right people.

So…I guess…I don’t really want to…but…I really have no choose…I’ll just stop writing.


I read an interesting survey today. Of the 246 authors studied it took them an average of eleven years to publish.

So, I’ll grab my pen and some paper and write. I’ll learn as much as I can, anywhere I can and I’ll continue on this amazing  journey. I wonder where it will take me?

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Here’s an idea

May 20, 2010

Good habits are hard for me to start — bad habits are hard for me to break.

Today, I got this brilliant idea.

Here’s the idea: you know those cool information pamphlets. Well, I want to start collecting them. That way when I need this information it will be at my finger tips.

Some people are natural-born organizers. They are always thinking of cool ways to organize their stuff so that it is tidy and accessible.

Me, I’m a collector. I’m always thinking of reasons why I need paper.

Is my idea a good habit I should start or the continuation of a bad habit I should break.

If you know, please tell me.


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Crime Writers Event

May 18, 2010

I had a very enjoyable time at the Crime Writers event last Saturday —  a free event held at the Victoria downtown public library.

As an emerging author, I found the event very informative.

If I had to single out the most helpful aspect of the day it would have to be the Blue Pencil Cafe. I learnt a lot about my writing and how to improve it. I pledge to reduce and will work to eliminate ‘there is’ and ‘well’ from my writing. I will also seek to avoid ‘just’ and ‘really’.

Lou Allin led the workshop — Writing Fiction the Long and Short of It. She shared a variety of techniques and resources for starting, finishing and selling your fiction.

Three panel discussions covered topics such as…

-how to write a successful series.

-exploring good, evil and the nature of the human condition in fiction.

-setting and how it plays a key role in writing a novel.

What I learnt…

-to decide what genre to write look at your bookshelves — write what you love to read.

-to make blogging fun blog with other authors who share your genre. Good examples:  She Writes/ Dorothy L

-by writing thrillers and mysteries the author has the power to right some of the wrongs they see in the world.

-like all authors, thriller and mystery authors must get into the head of their characters — this includes the head of the evil-doer. She must find his humanity. She must discover what drives him. She learns that he doesn’t self-identify as evil but rather he feels that he is forced to act.

-in order to write about a place you must get to know it — you must find its essence. To accomplish this goal, you must live there or visit regularly.

I would encourage all authors to attend events such as this one. Writing is a craft we must continue to develop.

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What have I found…

May 14, 2010

So this morning I had a mission find a market for my writing. Specially, for two manuscripts which have bounced back.

I have found possibilities for my YA (young adult) novel.

On Monday, I will be contacting 4 Canadian publishers and 9 American literary agents.

Onward and upward,


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Specially publishing house rejection letters.

When I first started receiving them, I likened them to acceptance from the high school in crowd — only the prettiest, most popular received them. Publishing houses were bullies — I was the humble writer victim.

Recently, however, I had a revelation when I joined Good Reads. ( It’s an excellent web site you should join. One of the advantages of being a member is that you have opportunity to win books. They emailed me a long list to choose from.

Did I choose every book?

No, I choose the ones that most interested me.

Then I thought, Yeah, this must be what it’s like to wad through a publishing house slush pile.

Yesterday, I received two little ‘r’ rejection letters.

Big ‘R’ rejection letters are form letters. Basically, these forms letters mean, ‘we’re just not interested.’

However, in these little ‘r’ rejection letters the editor has taken the time to give you hope. They acknowledge your merit as an author and offer you help. They have suggest possible solutions aimed at guiding you down the path to publishing. They point out the problem. 

My problem — which both editors agreed on — was lack of knowledge regarding the genre I wrote in. In other words I had written a worthy story but I just hadn’t followed through and done my homework.

Today is a fresh new day. Today I will find a home for these two excellent pieces.

Wish me luck,


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May 13, 2010

It is a reawakening of the mind, body, spirit. This morning when I woke at 7 am I was greeted by the sun. Now as I write I look into the cloudless sky of blue. This morning I went for a walk at 8 am to awaken my mind, body, spirit to spring. Now I am awake.

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If you log on to you’ll notice some changes.

It no longer looks like a knitting site. No, now it looks like Author Leanne Dyck’s web site.

And the site no longer bares the name “Olavia”.

Who was Olavia and why was her name on my site?

Olavia was my mother’s name. Sadly, she passed away from cancer in 1998. She was an amazing woman with a zest for life and a wisdom that awed all who knew her.

Since her death in 1998 I wanted to do something to honour her. So you see it was no surprise that her name was on my web site.

However, she raised a strong daughter who will always remember her, who will always be inspired by her. It was time I took ownership of my own creations. It was time the site bore my name.

I hope that you will log on to, please tell me what you think.

All the best,