Here’s an idea

May 20, 2010

Good habits are hard for me to start — bad habits are hard for me to break.

Today, I got this brilliant idea.

Here’s the idea: you know those cool information pamphlets. Well, I want to start collecting them. That way when I need this information it will be at my finger tips.

Some people are natural-born organizers. They are always thinking of cool ways to organize their stuff so that it is tidy and accessible.

Me, I’m a collector. I’m always thinking of reasons why I need paper.

Is my idea a good habit I should start or the continuation of a bad habit I should break.

If you know, please tell me.


Visit — and see what other bad habits I have.

2 Responses to “Here’s an idea”

  1. Leanne – Noooooooo, don’t collect the pamphlets. I suggest you get the pamphlets and type what you need (website, email, etc), into a Word document so that it’s all located in one clean and tidy document. You can categorize it, alphabetize it, organize it however you want. But return the pamphlets. Or better yet, leave them one at a time on a restaurant table, movie-theater seat, table at the library, etc. so that another person can enjoy the information too.

    I ask myself this question any time I’m tempted to get/collect/keep something: Do I want someone to have to mess with this when I’m dead? A single file on your computer is one push of the “delete” key.

    Less is more. Waaaaaaay more!

  2. Very good advice. Thank you, Laurie.

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