Success…do I want it?

May 22, 2010

One mind-set…

Faster, faster, more, more, more.  Why isn’t this working? Why aren’t they noticing me? Yo0-hoo, I’m right here. Oh, well forget it. If they’re not noticing me what’s the point. I guess I’ll just stop writing.

I was having fun. It was giving my life meaning. I was meeting some fascinating, supportive people…but not enough people…not the right people.

So…I guess…I don’t really want to…but…I really have no choose…I’ll just stop writing.


I read an interesting survey today. Of the 246 authors studied it took them an average of eleven years to publish.

So, I’ll grab my pen and some paper and write. I’ll learn as much as I can, anywhere I can and I’ll continue on this amazing  journey. I wonder where it will take me?

You’re invited to join me as I  journey — visit:



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