Writing prompt

June 1, 2010

Writer’s Digest sent this prompt to my email inbox day:  A close friend has a life-altering decision to make and asks you for advice. What advice do you give? Write the conversation between you and your friend.

Here’s what I submitted…

“The sudden turbulence in our lives caused a division in our relationship,” she sobbed into the phone.

“What? What are you saying? I don’t understand? Are you saying you’re getting a divorce?”

“Frank and I have mutually decided to terminate our joint venture at this juncture,” she bawled.

“Are you okay, Sally? You’re not making much sense.”

“I’m suffering from an repeated sense of depression followed by a…” Her voice was lost in a shower of tears.

“I’ll be right over,” I told her and left immediately.

When I arrived at Sally’s I found her sitting on the floor — her knees drawn to her chest. She was rocking back and forth. Prone on the floor next to her was her husband. A large knife still embedded in his back. All I heard from Sally for the longest time were sobs. Then all of a sudden she stopped rocking, she stopped sobbing, she looked at me.

“What do I do now?” she asked.

4 Responses to “Writing prompt”

  1. holessence Says:

    I LOVE IT! Don’t make me come up there — now tell me more!

  2. Oh, Laurie, in answer to a statement like that there’s only one thing I can do — stay silent. I would love to meet you in person. : )

  3. holessence Says:

    Oh sheesh! I thought that would put the fear of God into you and you’d tell. It’s definitely the first page of a thriller — great hook and all. Depending on the length … I hope to be reading it in a magazine or a book in the not-too-distant future!

  4. Thank you, Laurie, I’ll tuck it away for future inspiration.

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