Do you know my friend Amber Harvey? She reads these really cool kids’ books. She tells me they’re for kids but I’ve read them, I enjoyed them, and I’m an adult. I’d say they’re for anyone who enjoys a good read. They leave you feeling cozy and warm. She’s working on the third book in the series. I can’t tell you any more about that but I can tell you about her blog. Well, actually its her main character Magda’s blog. Its fun. You should read it. Here’s the link:

August 8th is coming fast and furious. August 8th is the date for the Mosaic Festival on Mayne Island — a mixture, this year, of music and spoken word. It’s a must see.

This weekend’s to-do list:

Print posters and hang 

Make bookmarks to be displayed during the event.

Wouldn’t you like to have a bookmark like this?

Visit me:

J. D. Salinger

That’s news to me.

I loved Catcher in the Rye. I read it in high school. I’m flatter that thinks I write like him.

If you’re curious to discover who you write like, I would encourage you to play along.

I choose the piece I’m planning to read for the Mosaic Festival on August 8th. So, now, I can tell people, “Come here the next J.D. Salinger read.”

Um…no…I won’t be saying that. : )

My husband and I just went for a walk. We live on one beautiful island and we still don’t get outside to enjoy it that often. Usually my bum is in the chair. Although, word count continues to be a challenge. So what am I doing while my bum is in the chair…um…not sure. Any who,  while we were out and about, we stopped at the mailbox. I stuck my hand in and pull out an envelope from Decadent Publishing. I tore it open and I found…my signed copy of the contract for my paranormal psychological thriller — The Sweater Curse. Am I thrilled? Um…yeah!

Recently, Laurie asked four questions regarding my upcoming August 8th event. Here are they are with my answers.

Laurie asked:  What is spoken word — recitation?

Here is an example:

This is glorious spoken word. What I do is a reading with drama — with feeling.

Laurie asked:  What is the event on August 8th?

The event is called the Mosaic festival. The festival features southern gulf island musicians. This year added to this mix are writers from Mayne Island and two guest authors from Vancouver Island.

For more information regarding the spoken word component of this event, please log on to: — scroll down to News.

Laurie asked:  Where will you be?

Two places.

From 11 am to noon I will be in the reading centre (library) facilitating a writers’ roundtable discussion.  This discussion is titled The Next Step in Your Writing. It is a free event and open to all writers in whatever stage of their journey.

From noon to 6 pm I will be in the neighbouring park — Miners Bay Park. There I will be listening to spoken word, music and be performing. I will also selling my book — Maynely A Mystery.  Other authors and musicians will be selling their CDs and books as well.

Laurie asked:  Who will be your audience?

Friends and neighbours from Mayne Island and the southern gulf islands. As well as tourists from al over BC and beyond. Last year, I believe the event was attended by 200 people.

And a good time was had by all.

Thank you, Laurie, for this opportunity to discuss this event. I apologize in the delay in my reply.

To read Laurie’s thought-provoking writing and beautiful, please visit her blog

Out enjoying summer. Didn’t have much to say. What do you think of my excuses so far?

I am so excited about tomorrow.

Why? you ask.

Well, let me tell you. A few years ago when I started performing spoken word I appeared with a friend who has a beautiful singing voice. It seems like ages since we performed together — in reality it was just last September. (Sometimes last September can feel like ages ago.) 

We have so much fun not only on stage but also practicing. Tomorrow we start practicing for our August 8th appearance.


The apology

Yesterday I received a phone call from my friend Nanette Johnston. She was excited to inform me that she had just heard herself singing on CBC radio 3. I was disappointed to have missed it. However, wanting to support her I posted a link here. I promised that if you followed the link you would hear her sing. Unfortunately, if had followed that link you wouldn’t have been able to hear her. Simply because CBC have yet to podcast the most recent show.

The promise

I will continue to go to I will continue to wait to hear my friend’s appearance. I hope you will too.

I’m so luck to live on Mayne Island — not only am I surrounded by beautiful scenery but also wonderful people. One of those people is my friend Nannette Johnston. Besides being a fantastic hairdresser and good friend; she also sings like a meadowlark.

Today she sang on CBC radio 3.

Here’s a link, so you can hear her too.—Sing-For-Your-Song-All-Request-Special

Book contract

June 30, 2010

I just did something very cool. I…wait for it…filled out a book publishing contract.


All the progress has made me pause to consider where, when, how, and why it all began. Here’s a story to explain…

Coming Home

I was raised on prairie sunshine. Our community highly valued good hard work. Our men tolled for years over rocked filled land in an unforgiving climate — too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. Our women minded the house, tended the kids and worked beside their men come haying time. There were few leisure activities. Art and Artists were foreign concepts to us.

I felt like a fish in the hayfield. It seemed I always had my head in the clouds. Dreams were what filled my life. Art and artists were the stuff of these dreams. Yet, I came as close to this world as my TV screen. One day my dad pointed out a local farmer and identified him with a new word writer  — I was intrigued.

Years passed and this hayseed was blown far from home. When I settled I found myself on a tiny island. Strangely it felt more like home than any place I’d ever been. The islanders identified me as one of their own.

“You are an artist,” they proclaimed.

“Who me? No, I just like to scribble,” I whispered.

“No, you are a writer,” they announced.

And I knew I was home.

K, please don’t get annoyed. I know I should have told you about this sooner. I know..

I know it doesn’t help for me to say that I had a great time. Even though it was cold — that’s what husbands are for. So, I snuggled up close and it helped.

I know it doesn’t help for me to tell you that changes are that it will be on again next year. Fingers crossed.

I know all of this doesn’t help. All I ask is for your forgiveness.

Here’s some more info…

I know it doesn’t help…sorry.