Nothing’s happening here, but over at that’s where the party is–literally.

You are invited to my virtual book launch/party


When:  Monday, January 10th

Party all day and night

Why:  In celebration of the publication of my thriller

The Sweater Curse

Please bring food, drink and music

To do this, please leave a comment with your favourite party food or punch recipe,

or link to some rad tunes

Please help me spread the word about this party.

Thriller update

October 23, 2010

You may recall that I was working on a thriller –The Sweater Curse.

The Sweater Curse explores the birth, life, death and possible redemption of kick ass knitwear designer Gwen Bjarnson.

I was delighted to find an announcement regarding The Sweater Curse included on the Decadent Publishing blog…

For more news, please visit The Sweater Curse blog

My plan is to blog continually for the entire month of November. Can I make it? Wish me luck.

If you log on to you’ll notice some changes.

It no longer looks like a knitting site. No, now it looks like Author Leanne Dyck’s web site.

And the site no longer bares the name “Olavia”.

Who was Olavia and why was her name on my site?

Olavia was my mother’s name. Sadly, she passed away from cancer in 1998. She was an amazing woman with a zest for life and a wisdom that awed all who knew her.

Since her death in 1998 I wanted to do something to honour her. So you see it was no surprise that her name was on my web site.

However, she raised a strong daughter who will always remember her, who will always be inspired by her. It was time I took ownership of my own creations. It was time the site bore my name.

I hope that you will log on to, please tell me what you think.

All the best,


I’m delighted to invite you to listen to CFSI (Salt Spring Island’s public radio station) on May 10th. My creative non-fiction piece WHAT MY GRANDMA TAUGHT ME will be aired during the launch of their new radio program “In The First Person”. “In The First Person” will air from (approximately) 9 to 9:10 a.m. “In The First Person” will follow “Community Calendar”. You can also listen to CFSI by logging on to for live streaming audio.

Please help me share this great news,


How to fill a day

May 3, 2010

Happy May

As I write the weather on Mayne Island is cloudy, chilly, sunny, warm. It’s a day full of activity. My life echoes nature. I have made even more progress on my work in progress. It is demanding more and more of my time. That coupled with my on island and off island activity means that this week will be action packed.

What off island activities? you ask.

Well, thank you for giving me this opportunity to elaborate.

I will be doing a reading.

I’m a member of the Victoria Writers Society. They publish the Island Writer. I’m delighted to share with you that one of my pieces has been chosen for the summer edition. So on Wednesday, May 5th at 7pm in the Norway House Hall (1110 Hillside Avenue) in Victoria, British Columbia I will be reading my short story — TAKE NOTE.

Please wish me luck. And if you can come please do.

Having written all of that, I hope you won’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me very much this week.


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Knitted in Love

One of my island neighbours knit her husband a toque. Forty years later he still wears it.

She tells him that it has become ugly with age — he wears it. She explains that the yarn has become piled — he wears it. She says the colours have faded — he wears it.

“You knit it for me. You knit it for me when we, when our love was oh so young,” he coos. “I don’t want a new toque. I don’t want any toque but this one.” He draws her into his arms and kisses her.

“Oh, I give up,” she laughs.

Later, when he is having an afternoon nap, she confides in me, toque in hand. “I’m going to take this old thing and burn it. You see how ugly it is!” She pauses. “It’s just…it’s just that…he feels the cold so. Maybe if I could make one exactly like it. The same colour — the same pattern…”

“What’s the matter?” I ask.

“Well, dear,” she says. “It just won’t work.”

“Why not?”

“I lost the pattern years ago and these old hands they just won’t hold the needles.”

“I could help you,” I offer. “I can design a toque exactly like this one.”

“Really? Well, that would be wonderful dear.” She says and hands me a plastic bag containing yarn and adds the toque.

Arriving home, I set to work. I examine the toque and am impressed — it is a clever design. There a few things I would change, I think. I resist the impulse. I replicate the toque. I knit the last stitch, sew the seam, and weave in the ends.

I place the remaining yarn and the toques in the plastic bag and walk back to my neighbour’s. She is pleased to see me and enquiries about my progress.

“I’m finished,” I say handing her the bag.

She takes the new toque out of the bag and then hands the bag back to me. She closely examines my work. She grins — she is pleased. Her husband sails into the kitchen, grabs the toque and says, “I’m going for a walk.” He kisses her and waves to me.

Victorious, we wait until he leaves and then we share a laugh.

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Novelty Yarn

celebrates knitting in prose, poetry and essays

In 2006 I published NOVELTY YARN. Well it was so popular that I decided to re-publish it in 2010. Its now available on the Smash words site. To sample or purchase NOVELTY YARN, please log on to: