Oh happy day

April 29, 2010

Yesterday I made good progress on my work in progress — MAYNELY HIDDEN. It is the second book in my MAYNELY A MYSTERY series. At this point MAYNELY HIDDEN seems to me to be less cozy mystery and more literary fiction. It does have mysteries in it and romance and humour. I have to see how the rest of the book unfolds. Currently I’m on about page 18 so anything could happen. I have written the plot. However, for me the plot is never craved in stone. I like to let the story lead me. That way I have a surprise as well.

There are other differences between MAYNELY A MYSTERY and MAYNELY HIDDEN as well. For example were MAYNELY A MYSTERY was set in the summer — MAYNELY HIDDEN is set in the fall. MAYNELY¬†HIDDEN is darker in mood than MAYNELY A MYSTERY.

Fall on an island that is a tourist destination — there’s intrigue already. What do those islanders do?

Tomorrow my writers’ group meets and I can’t help but think that was the nudge I needed to get things rolling.

Today is a day full of volunteering and travel. So I don’t think I will get much writing done. Maybe on the ferry.

The weather here is warm and sunny.

I hope you have a grand day


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