Recently, Laurie asked four questions regarding my upcoming August 8th event. Here are they are with my answers.

Laurie asked:  What is spoken word — recitation?

Here is an example:

This is glorious spoken word. What I do is a reading with drama — with feeling.

Laurie asked:  What is the event on August 8th?

The event is called the Mosaic festival. The festival features southern gulf island musicians. This year added to this mix are writers from Mayne Island and two guest authors from Vancouver Island.

For more information regarding the spoken word component of this event, please log on to: — scroll down to News.

Laurie asked:  Where will you be?

Two places.

From 11 am to noon I will be in the reading centre (library) facilitating a writers’ roundtable discussion.  This discussion is titled The Next Step in Your Writing. It is a free event and open to all writers in whatever stage of their journey.

From noon to 6 pm I will be in the neighbouring park — Miners Bay Park. There I will be listening to spoken word, music and be performing. I will also selling my book — Maynely A Mystery.  Other authors and musicians will be selling their CDs and books as well.

Laurie asked:  Who will be your audience?

Friends and neighbours from Mayne Island and the southern gulf islands. As well as tourists from al over BC and beyond. Last year, I believe the event was attended by 200 people.

And a good time was had by all.

Thank you, Laurie, for this opportunity to discuss this event. I apologize in the delay in my reply.

To read Laurie’s thought-provoking writing and beautiful, please visit her blog