Specially publishing house rejection letters.

When I first started receiving them, I likened them to acceptance from the high school in crowd — only the prettiest, most popular received them. Publishing houses were bullies — I was the humble writer victim.

Recently, however, I had a revelation when I joined Good Reads. ( It’s an excellent web site you should join. One of the advantages of being a member is that you have opportunity to win books. They emailed me a long list to choose from.

Did I choose every book?

No, I choose the ones that most interested me.

Then I thought, Yeah, this must be what it’s like to wad through a publishing house slush pile.

Yesterday, I received two little ‘r’ rejection letters.

Big ‘R’ rejection letters are form letters. Basically, these forms letters mean, ‘we’re just not interested.’

However, in these little ‘r’ rejection letters the editor has taken the time to give you hope. They acknowledge your merit as an author and offer you help. They have suggest possible solutions aimed at guiding you down the path to publishing. They point out the problem. 

My problem — which both editors agreed on — was lack of knowledge regarding the genre I wrote in. In other words I had written a worthy story but I just hadn’t followed through and done my homework.

Today is a fresh new day. Today I will find a home for these two excellent pieces.

Wish me luck,


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