Live radio

May 10, 2010

Well, did you catch it?

Strangely, even though the program was in the can, sitting here waiting to hear the program I went through the same anxieties that I did when I was in the studio waiting to read my piece.

Did you hear the phone ring?

There’s a reason they call it ‘live’ radio. Although, ironically I think the phone ringing helped you, the listener, to live that moment with me. It’s almost like we planned it — we didn’t.

While reading, I made a mistake. Did you catch it? It was one small word. I noticed it. I felt my stomach fall to my toes — the exact same feeling I had when I read the piece.

I had so much fun.

The people at Salt Spring Island radio station (CSFI-FM) were so kind and supportive to me. Patricia Locke coached me before I read my story. Her suggestions  helped me bring my story to live. Thank you so much Patricia.

 Now I have fulfilled a childhood dream.

One Christmas I received a tape recorder. With the help of that machine, I spent many hours creating my own radio programs. 

Being on CFSI-FM was a thrill. I encourage you to live your dreams.

I’m delighted to invite you to listen to CFSI (Salt Spring Island’s public radio station) on May 10th. My creative non-fiction piece WHAT MY GRANDMA TAUGHT ME will be aired during the launch of their new radio program “In The First Person”. “In The First Person” will air from (approximately) 9 to 9:10 a.m. “In The First Person” will follow “Community Calendar”. You can also listen to CFSI by logging on to for live streaming audio.

Please help me share this great news,