Monday, June 7th I packed my big blue suitcase. I stuffed it with my knitting, my NOVELTY YARN audiobook and with MAYNELY A MYSTERY. Then I walked down to the ferry terminal. It’s a short walk. Once there I had a pleasant wait in the beautiful gardens.
I knit and read a writer’s magazine while I rode to Salt Spring Island. I had a nice visit with my Salt Spring Island aunt. Then on Tuesday, June 8th I delivered my inventory to Mahon Hall.
Each summer Mahon Hall magically transforms into ArtCraft gallery.
ArtCraft gallery opens this friday — June 18th.
Paintings, jewelry, cards, books, clothing…many treasures wait your shopping pleasure.
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ArtC raft is a seasonal gallery on Salt Spring Island.  It is located in Mahon Hall (114 Rainbow Road). This year it will be open June 18th to September 19th.

Today I will leave my home on Mayne Island and sail to Salt Spring Island. I will wheel a large suitcase behind me. This suitcase contains knitted items, my audio book NOVELTY YARN, and my cozy mystery MAYNELY A MYSTERY. All of these items will be on sale at ArtCraft.

I will stay the night on Salt Spring and work a 3 hour shift tomorrow from 9 am to noon. Then I will sail back home.

I love to visit ArtCraft. I’m amazed to witness this well run gallery and like to think that I contribute to its success. If you have an opportunity to visit Salt Spring Island, please tour the gallery. Many wonderful treasures await. For those of you who are unable to travel to Salt Spring, I will pack my camera and hope to remember to take tons of photos.


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