Okay, to be clear, I’m not talking about writer’s  block. I’m not talking about the inability to pick up that pen or bang on that keyboard.

What I’m talking about is writer’s pause.

Never heard of it?

I’m not surprised. I just coined the phrase.

I think it apply describes what I’ve occasionally had to deal with so far in my writing career.

I’ll explain, I’m working on a story. Say, for example, my latest project — a Young Adult novel. Its been a pleasure working on this project. Chapter after chapter came fluently. Until that is I hit chapter five.

What happened?

Well, I think I became intimidated with the weight of the project. The result was that no more words came.

My first response was to panic.

Oh, no, I thought, I’ll never write again.

Which is a healthy response to this dire situation. : )

Then I started work on one of my other projects. That’s why its best that I have more than one project on the stove. The prefect number of projects for me to be working on at once seems to be three.

They battle it out for my attention. (It’s not hard for me to personify anything — pens, tacks, writing projects.)

When my YA decided to speak. I allowed it to take me wherever it wanted to go. So, currently, I haven’t been writing chapters but rather pieces of random chapters.

Yeah, at least the words are coming. That’s all I ask, pled for.

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