Thriller thrills me

September 11, 2010

Currently, I’m up to my tail feathers in revising my thriller. The wise say, “The more you polish your manuscript the more it will shine.” And they are so right. Its gobbling up large chunks of my day but its time well spent. So, if you are wondering where I am now you know. How about you were are you spending your day?

7 Responses to “Thriller thrills me”

  1. You are oh so right! A book is relatively easy to write compared to the revisionS (capital “S” at the end).

    Today I’m catching my breath from yesterday’s whirlwind of a day. I’ll blog about it in the morning.

    Have yourself an excellent week!

  2. Hi Laurie
    LoL, love your sense of humour.
    I stopped by your blog and enjoyed
    your post. Small but mighty cars, cameras and computers. Log on here
    and follow the links to Laurie’s blog –fun.

  3. Hey Leanne,

    I totally understand the challenges of rewriting. I find it much harder than the initial first draft; seems to me that whatever changes I make either effect the storyline or duplicate previous word choices. Both result in more rewrites! Anyway, thanks for your comments on The Novel Experience podcast and good luck with your thriller.

    • Hi Nicola,
      I agree it is challenging. I find that it helps to keep the story clear in your mind and proceed with caution. I’m almost finished this first round –so far so good. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Leanne – you mentioned that you’d like to know when I start teaching the “class” on color. It just started today — “The Color of Wellness.” I hope you’ll join us.

  5. I forgot to give you a link. Here you go:

  6. Just thinking about you. How are your tail feathers holding out in the editing process Leanne?

    I too always find the first draft a piece of cake compared to putting the icing on and all the final touches.

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